Frequently Asked Question


Frequently Ask Questions

  • What is LOVE Token?

    LOVE Token is an ERC20 Token which was born on 14th Feb 2018. It has a total token supply of 10Million coin and a very large community who uses those tokens.

  • Why did you created this?

    We created this as a fun experiment at start on Valentine's day. But slowly and surely we are now serious about it and are actively working for this project.

  • Is there a pre-ICO or ICO?

    No, there is no pre-ICO or ICO. Though we are thinking of working out one in another way. Also, we appreciate those who bought coins from us when we were exchange listed initially.

  • How much is 1 LOVE Token worth?

    Please head towards our trade page by clicking here to get more details of the same.

  • Is there a bounty program?

    Yes, we initially had a bounty program, whose detail can be seen by clicking here. And we have decided to continue bounty once in a while.
    Update: As of 6th April 2018, we have distributed over 9.8Million Token to all our bounty users.

  • How can I buy Love Tokens?

    Please head towards our trade page by clicking here to get more details of the same.

  • You have any other question other than here?

    Please contact us in Twitter, Telegram, Reddit, Facebook or even through Email


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