June 14, 2020

How To Protect Your Personal Finances In A Relationship

When you first fall in love, finances are often the last thing you worry about when you dream of being with your new partner. However, smart financial planning is important in any relationship. Since I have been working for a companionship company, I have learned to appreciate how important it is to look after your money and finances. Divorce can spell financial disaster for both men and women. Sadly, the truth is that men often end up worse off financially after a divorce. In the UK, most men still have to allow for their ex-wives to claim part of their pension. Countless of the divorced men I date when working as companion, have gone through a divorce and many of them find themselves struggling financially.

How To Protect Your Personal Finances

Instead of not making your finances a priority in a relationship, perhaps you should make them a priority. Prenups are not legal in the UK. This means that when you get married, you can set up a legal prenup. It is one of the reasons we often see such massive divorce settlements in the UK. The courts often reward the wife a large part of the husband’s estate. It can be argued that the divorce laws in the UK have not kept up with the times. I know that many of my London escorts clients have paid out huge settlements.

You probably don’t mind ending up dating London escorts at the age of 50, but finding yourself starting out financially again, is not something you want to do. This is why it is essential you protect your financial assets. It goes without saying that this applies to both men and women. Women who have done well in women often end up marrying toy boys. If the marriage ends in divorce, these women are just as likely to end up having to pay out large divorce settlements.

Hanging On To What You Have Got

Like so many other of the other girls at London escorts, I am a singleton. It is not easy to be in a relationship when you work for a London escorts agency. Many girls have tried only to end up broken-hearted and sometimes, even financially worse for wear. If I were ever to get involved in a relationship, I would do my best to protect my financial assets. My main financial asset is my flat in Greenwich. If you like, it is my one major asset that I have acquired since I have been working as an escort in London. If I were to move in with a guy, I would hang on to my flat. I would rent it out if he asked me to move in with him. To protect my flat, and hanging onto any income I earn from the flat, I would set up a limited company. Would I carry on working for London escorts? That is often the sticking point. Most men want London escorts to leave their jobs when they get together. I am not willing to do so, and it is the main reason I have not had a successful personal relationship since I started to work for London escorts.

What About Pension Plans?

Well, pension plans are something most girls who work in the adult industry don’t have. Instead, most girls try to hang on to gifts and presents. They save them up and hope that their gifts are going to have some value when they finally get around to leaving London escorts. I work a little bit differently. Sure, I have my own over-priced handbag and jewellery collection, but I don’t think of it as my pension plan. It is just a back-up.

Instead I am paying into a pension plan. What would happen to that if I ended up getting married? According to current UK law, it would become one of the assets of the marriage. This is yet another reason why I am not sure that I ever want to get married. I am even considering buying another flat and setting up a property company with me as the sole director. That would help me to protect my finances in case I ended up leaving London escorts to get married.

Not All Dippy Blondes At London Escorts

What you must also realise is what I have started to call “marriage finances” is that any debts you take on will be jointly shared. So, if you take out loans and secure them on your joint home, you will both be liable. That means you are both responsible for things such as car loans and mortgages. A few former London escorts have fallen foul of this process. They have assumed that they will get more or less “everything” after a divorce. That is not true. Debts will be taken into account. I know many London escorts who have ended up with very little after a short marriage.

Not all blondes who work for London escorts are dippy. Some escorts have successfully wormed their way into their husbands’ companies and even become directors. It is a great idea if you would like to have access to your husband’s asset. After all, as a company director you are entitled to certain benefits such as company dividend and perhaps even a salary.

A Single Life VS Being Married

I often wonder if it is too complicated to get married. Since I have been working for London escorts, I have done well for myself. Most girls my age, I am 28 years old, do not have their own flat in London without a mortgage. I have worked hard for what I have got, and to be fair, I am not sure that I would want to risk it. I know that I would not give it up exactly if I got married, but I still think that there is a financial risk to getting married. Yes, I have learned a lot from my London escorts clients.

Is single the new in? Many of the men who like to date escorts who have been married and gone through divorces. I think the vast majority of them would not dream of getting married again. They have realised getting married can have huge negative financial complications. This is only one of the reasons they are into dating escorts. Staying single after divorce seems to be a priority for most men, and I think that there are a lot of people in London who do not want to get married at all.

Married London Escorts

Would I get married? I am not sure that I would ever want to get married. It would be nice to be in a relationship with a man, but I am not in a hurry. Something that I would like to do is to explore the Swedish concept of “särbo”. This means that you are in a committed relationship with each other but you live apart. I think that is a great concept. You are still a couple but you don’t live together and don’t share each other’s finances.

It is the perfect arrangement for a modern age and I would encourage anyone to try it. When you work for a London escort agency, you become very independent. Working as cheap escorts in London is a very special lifestyle. The men who like to date escorts often like to spoil the girls they date. As a result, you spend a lot of time going out enjoying a rather glamorous lifestyle. Most of the time when I finish my shift, I just want to come home and close the door. Yes, it would be nice to have something to lean on from time to time, but I am not sure that I would want to live with a guy.

My Plans After Escorting

What am I planning to do after escorting? I have lots of plans which I hope to put into action after I leave London escorts. Going travelling is at the top of the agenda. It would be nice to have someone to travel with but I am not going to risk my financial life. If I meet a guy who can’t afford to do the same things I would like to do, I will simply go on my own.

I also hope to move out of London. The ideal situation would be for me to retire from London escorts, have a London pad but a place in the country as well. The other girls I work with at our escort agency often wonder why I work so hard. It is simple, I work hard to make my dreams come true.

I am having a great time doing what I do and I am convinced that my dreams will come true. But, I am also into looking after myself and my finances. I would not be prepared to give any of what I have up for someone else. This is why I often think that the future is “single”. I am pretty convinced more people than ever before are beginning to think along the same lines.